Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'm THAT girl who..............

Hardly ever meets a stranger.

Can't live without being plugged in.




All. The. Time.

Loves a good romance novel.

Would travel the world if she won the lottery.

Is obsessed with Dancing with the Stars. (Speaking's summer. I need a fix.)

Things she needs to start a new hobby every other day.

Has "radioactive slime colored" eyes.

Is always wearing flip flops.

Watches a lot of TV.

Is obsessed with tropicalness.

Makes up her own words. (See "tropicalness")

Loves glitter.

Sings along with the radio. And the TV. And the voices in her head.

Can't wait to meet new people.

Is a dog person.

Can't paint her own nails to save her life.

Would live on a cruise ship.

Loves luggage. Tote bags. Purses.

Wants to learn something new everyday.

Is obsessed with color.

Misses her family and friends.

Adores having company.

Reads. A lot.

Makes jewelry.

Thinks spending the evening at the beach with her love is what it's all about.

Is obsessed with vintage 50's glassware.

Is easily obsessed.

Collects lipstick.

L-O-V-E-S a good musical.

Is attempting to blog.

Who are you?

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