Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Best of Etsy........

I am obsessed (there's that word again) with I have been for quite some time. Like.....years. However, it has taken me way too long to start making a conscious effort to purchase handmade items as much as possible.

Shopping has never been much of a chore for me. Shopping for fabulous and unique items is one of my favorite pastimes! But shopping for fabulous and unique handmade items from home....?!? With my hair in knots and no make-up to speak of....?!?


I'll take it!

Wrap it up, please.

I'm already waiting on Mr. FedEx.

That being said, I've been lamenting over my lack of a functional, yet extremely stylish computer bag since the new laptop was delivered a few weeks ago. This afternoon I was tossing around the idea of braving the holiday traffic to go shopping for a bag when I remembered my new motto....Shop Etsy First!! I threw my hair brush in the trash.....made a few clicks and soon found this little beauty:

I'm not totally sure about her but I keep going back and gazing upon her loveliness. There is still a very small voice in the back of my head that keeps asking if that is really the print I want.....stupid voices.

But, oh my.....she is certainly the best of Etsy so far!

*Click here if you want to purchase her while I wallow in my indecision. Just don't come looking for me if she mysteriously disappears from your house. I'm just sayin'................

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